The making of Christopher Nolan and ‘Inception’

NEARLY everything in Christopher Nolan’s world is more than it appears to be. In his hands his 2000 feature“Memento” became not only a taut thriller with a catchy psychological gimmick but also a calling card to a career of cinematic independence.

His most recent film, “The Dark Knight,” was not just a big-budget summer movie about a vigilante in a bat costume, but also a meditation on heroism and terrorism. Even the deceptively quaint home he keeps on an unassuming block in Hollywood has a dual identity: it doubles as his residence and the bunker where he has been finishing his first film since “The Dark Knight,” which in 2008 earned the all-time highest domestic gross for a motion picture not made byJames Cameron.

Yet for all the fanfare that will accompany Mr. Nolan’s new film, “Inception,” when Warner Brothers releases it on July 16, most of its intended viewers will know almost nothing about it


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