The Hangover Part II becomes the biggest R-rated comedy ever

Considering the unexpected success of the first film, expectations were astoundingly high for the sequel to what many would refer to as ‘the’ comedy of 2009.

The Hangover Part II is now the biggest R-rated comedy ever. Opening three weeks ago in America, it has  stormed the worldwide box office. The Hangover reached $467.5 million worldwide at the box office; only 3 weeks in and The Hangover Part II has reached $488.7 million worldwide.

Interestingly The Hangover Part II has taken more money internationally than it has domestically; impressive for any American film, especially a comedy.

The Wolfpack proved popular in the UK the second time around, taking £10,409,017 in its opening weekend, compared to the first instalment's £2,249,747.

Still going strong at the UK box Office: The Hangover Part II stands at number 2, beating X-Men: First Class into third place (and that one has been out for one week less than Hangover 2).

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