The Golden Globes – without the pomp, did anybody care?


It's not an awards show with the vibe of an all-star party; it's a party masquerading as an awards show. That's the Golden Globes when it's in full, fulsome flower. For one night, the TV viewer gets up-front gawking privileges, a chance to see George and Johnny and Julia and Jodie act, not like actors, but like movie stars — looking great, cracking wise, radiating celestial glamour. That's why the Golden Globes is the third-highest-rated of these annual bashes, after the Oscars and the Grammys.

The point was proved last night when, because of the actors' union's support of the writers' guild strike, the Globes show limped onto the small screen as a brief "news conference" covered by four networks instead of the usual three-hour bash on NBC. The Beverly Hilton Hotel was a mausoleum, no sexier than a high-school auditorium stage; and the reading of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's awards had about as much zazz as the principal's speech on fire safety.

The import of the awards was also reduced. Typically they are seen as leading indicators for the Oscars. This time, who knows? Will Atonement, deemed Best Drama, and Sweeney Todd, the Best Comedy or Musical (we say Musical), even be nominated by the Motion Picture Academy? And if Hollywood grandees don't ornament their big dinner, isn't the HFPA revealed as, let us say, one of the lesser critics' groups? Without the star-stacked, televised party, they're just 82 schlubs with funny accents.

(Source: Time)

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