The first movie to premiere on YouTube toys with the model of the future

Usually, when an entire movie winds up on YouTube, you've seen it before (and then, once noticed by the authorities, it comes down). Little by little, however, filmmakers are beginning to recognize online video sharing outlets as a tool. Now, for the first time, a feature length movie is premiering on YouTube. While films like Four Eyed Monsters found audiences there in the past, they wound up online only after a festival run failed to yield a decent theatrical deal.

The guys behind a quaint little comedy called The Cult of Sincerity, however, have opted out of that process, skipping forward and debuting the feature-length film today with YouTube's stamp of approval. The story focuses on a despondent metropolitan character named Joseph on a seemingly unending quest to "find the most genuine thing you could ever say to anyone." Is he a revolutionary figure or just plain naive? Viewers can find out by watching the film below.

To add some context, we sought out the creative team behind it --New York-based directors Adam Browne and Brendan Choisnet, as well as screenwriter/producer Daniel Nayeri--for an interview.


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