The films of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick


Philip Kindred Dick, aka Philip K. Dick, aka PKD, was often considered a science fiction writer that was way ahead of his time. He was critically acclaimed and won several writing awards, but was not particularly successful commercially for most of his career. Much of his writing was dystopic and unnerving, but filmmakers have found a fair bit of commercial success with film adaptations of his writing, starting with Blade Runner. (PKD died during the production.)

There have been nine movies made from PKD’s writing (excluding documentaries), and two more are in the works. One of my fave Rock chicks, Alanis Morrissette, is going to be Radio Free Albemuth in 2008. (But you oughta know, don’t expect her to go down on you in the theater. Don’t get it? Never mind.) Owl in Daylight, a biopic of PKD, will be out in 2009. Here’s a quick rundown of PKD movies, in chronological order, and with relevant video clips and posters/ stills when available.

(Source: Movie Crunch)


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