The end of ‘The Sopranos’ this weekend

It feels like ages ago, doesn't it, since Carmela Soprano, startled from her sleep by an early-morning knock at the door, asked her husband, ''Is this it?'' Carm meant the end of the Soprano lifestyle, as she has come to enjoy it, and well might she worry, since it's clear, in these final hours, that the woman who used to consult her priest about sin and salvation has decided to stop worrying and learn to love her Mob-wife swag.  

Well, now we know what it looks like: Every moment in this bloody, bullet-riddled penultimate episode is about regular, familiar old ways that have now gone terribly, irreversibly awry. And it begins with the opening scene, in which the wrong man picks up the wrong newspaper in front of the wrong house. 

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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