The choreographed chaos of making ‘Cloverfield’


The poster for Paramount Pictures' Cloverfield depicts the Statue of Liberty standing headless, following a monster's attack on New York City. The image echoes the graphic of the severed head of Miss Liberty that adorned the movie poster for 1981's Escape From New York — an image that made a lasting impression on Cloverfield producer J. J. Abrams.

But Abrams vowed that in his movie — which follows a group of friends trying to escape Manhattan's destruction — Lady Liberty's head would roll.

This signature moment was one of 160 shots created by the London-based effects house Double Negative (DNeg). “Any time you see destruction, that's our work,” says CG Supervisor David Vickery.

“We had to build a very, very high-resolution 3D model because it's visible in full frame for several seconds during the movie,” Vickery says of the sequence where the statue's head physically rolls down the street.

(Source: Digital Content Producer)

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