The Best TV Cop Show is…Canadian?

Behind all the Canuck jokes lies a truth most Americans don’t want to acknowledge: Canada does everything we can do--better. Hockey. Health care. Urban planning. Even rodeo. (I’m talking about the Calgary Stampede here, buckaroo.)

Now we can add police procedurals to that list. Sure, it’s an all-American genre, rooted in Hollywood noir and refined down the years by Dragnet, Kojak, Hawaii Five-Oh, and their ilk. But today it’s a genre gone to seed, at least on this side of the 49th parallel. Law & Order and its bazillion offspring, the entire absurd CSI franchise, countless one-off, one-trick ponies like Crossing Jordan and Numb3rs: these are morality plays for the too-easily entertained. Worse, their total predictability is the key to their entertainment—and advertising—value. Deviations from the pattern (crime-investigation-suspect-new evidence-new suspect-surprise-conclusion) are avoided like tainted meat. And so, every evening at 10:47, in living rooms across the nation, a dozen formulaic shows toss off their final, decisive plot twists—just before the last commercial break, natch. What will happen? Stay tuned to find out!

Into this musty attic, Canada’s Da Vinci’s Inquest comes like a cool breeze off the Pacific.


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