The art of how to not direct an actor

Most people in Hollywood consider director David O. Russell a very talented man. After all, he made the charming road-trip seriocomedy Flirting with Disaster and the engaging Three Kings with the right combination of action and war commentary. When he set out to make I Heart Huckabees a few years ago, the stars were aligned to be in his picture and he collected a bevy of  them - Dustin Hoffman, Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Mark Wahlberg and Lily Tomlin. The existensial comedy somehow missed the boat when it came to finding an audience. But the dark side to O. Russell was his difficult reputation. How difficult you may ask? Well, a video that circulated among insiders in the industry a year ago became public a few weeks ago and in it O. Russell berates and loses his temper with a frustrated Tomlin (Warning: this video is filled with profanity).


A rumor did begin to circulate in Hollywood that the fella that leaked this outtake was none other than  George Clooney. However, Clooney's rep insists that the actor doesn't have anything to do with this, citing Clooney's inability to use e-mail and download a YouTube video. Not for nothing, Clooney was prime suspect since the actor punched out O. Russell during the making of Three Kings when Clooney came to the rescue of a crew member being browbeaten by O. Russell. The director's next project is The H-Man Cometh with Vince Vaughn.

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