The 2009 Oscar Nominees – Wishlist For The DVD Extras

Though the DVD release dates for all the 2009 Best Picture Oscar nominees are a couple months away, movie fans are excited to get their DVDs upon release. Though none of their makers or production companies have made public any details of the DVD extras, we can only hope that they contain enough exciting material to keep them as collectors items. Here's our wishlist of DVD special features from this year's slew of diverse pictures:


The movie that is the little engine that could is heaping praise for its underdog story and life in the slums of Mumbai. There is so much to build a great DVD offering with the bonus extras:

  • A tour of the slums of Mumbai where the film was shot
  • A featurette on casting the actors - especially the young kids who play the title characters as kids
  • A Danny Boyle commentary is a must - the director is so passionate and excited about this film you can't shut him up, which is good because the guy knows his stuff
  • A video dairy to follow the filmmakers and actors from Toronto to the Oscars to document the critical and popular praise it's received
  • A featurette on Loveleen Tandan, the co-director who helped Boyle with directing the film, especially the actors
  • A section on AR Rahman's musical genius


Director David Fincher's fable of romance and aging will definitely be one of the must have DVDs of this year. If Fincher's DVD treatments of all his movies are anything to go by, he will pull out all stops to most likely produce a 3-disc edition. A few extras we hope will be included:
  • David Fincher and Brad Pitt commentary, and separate commentaries with cinematpgrapher, editor and visual effects folks
  • A panopoly of visual effects featurette to explore the visual genius of this movie
  • A long documentary into Fincher's working and directorial process
  • A featurette on what it was like to shoot down in ravaged New Orleans
  • A director's cut version? Could it be any longer than it already is? If not, then a selection of deleted scenes

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This gabfest makes us think twice how suspenseful 2 people talking to each other can. The historical significance of this interview will be the focal point for the extras in Ron Howard's interpretation of this event:
  • The original Frost/Nixon interview should be included in the special features, no doubt
  • How Michael Sheen and Frank Langella brought their roles from Broadway to the screen
  • A roundtable discussion from some media famous folks on what they thought of the actual interview then and now
  • A Ron Howard commentary maybe with producer Brian Grazer


The biopic of Harvey Milk is anchored by a strong Sean Penn performance and the life and times of Milk has been a controversial screen subject for decades. Now that Gus Van Sant has made it, his life can be documented further in the DVD extras:
  • An hour long documentary on the real Harvey Milk
  • Insiders reaction to Milk's character and social activism
  • An electronic version of the script that can be downloaded
  • Showcase the ensemble acting work of all the actors


The Reader was a long shot for an Oscar nomination and the dreary subject matter. But its painful themes and memory of the Holocaust makes it an interesting picture. The Reader will most likely find a bigger on audience on DVD and as such deserves a lavish presentation of extras when it's released:
  • A focus on Kate Winslet and her acting process
  • A featurette on how the book became a the film along with interviews with the writer
  • A Stephen Daldry audio commentary

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