The 10 Oscar movies you must have in your DVD bin

We now know that "The Hurt Locker" upended "Avatar" for Best Picture honors at this year's Oscar awards on Sunday.

But it will still be a while before we know if the Kathryn Bigelow film will stand with the best of all time.

We can all think of previous winners we thought weren't deserving in years crowded with very good movies or films that weren't even nominated that should have won. However, sometimes the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gets it right.

The day before she is favored to win an Oscar for best actress, Sandra Bullock was given a Razzie Award and crowned with the dubious title of worst actress of 2009. Video courtesy of Reuters.

Here, based on interviews with film buffs and movies historians, are the Top 10 Best Picture winners -- including a pair of multifilm sets -- that are must-haves for your DVD/Blu-ray library.



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