Ten ways to make the Oscar telecast good TV

It's time for the annual Oscar telecast hand-wringing. Every year the show's ratings slip a little lower and every year members of the entertainment media offer their unsolicited and perpetually unheeded advice on how to fix the show. The criticism is endless and insanely contradictory: The show is too long, it's too boring, the dance numbers are painful, please make the singing stop.

There are too many awards (Sound editing and sound effects? Really?), there are too few awards (Can we please give comedy its own category?), the films that are nominated in the big categories are too small, too precious, too depressing. Americans know too much about movie stars, they don't care enough about movie stars, there are no more movie stars, there are too many award shows, and perhaps most important, why don't the " Harry Potter" films ever seem to win anything?


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