Talking to ‘The Great Debaters’


Some of the most powerful dramas you'll see on the big screen are from real stories. The Great Debaters is certainly one of them.Denzel Washington stars and debuts as director in this true-life inspired movie based on The Wiley College debate team. Denzel plays Mel Tolson, the coach of the all-black school team in 1930's Texas; he turned a group of non-believers into the best and most respected debaters of their time – and still to this day.

The film also stars three newcomers as the team - Nate Parker, Jurnee Smollett and Denzel Whitaker. Their performances, combined with Denzel Washington's, makes The Great Debaters one of this year's best films. The team went from small debates in the state of Texas to taking on the Harvard University debate team, one of the most prestigious teams in the country. Their first step was gaining the respect of their town and the next step was gaining the respect from people, who would normally not even give them the time of day.


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