‘Takers’ movie takes heist-like planning to reach movie screens

The movie Takers arrives on screen this weekend. It might make a little dent on the box-office despite a stellar, all round cast to sell the movie to the public. But like any movie, the behind the scenes story toward its production took a long time before issues were resolved, among them the availability of director John Luessenhop.

So when filmmaker John Luessenhop told Screen Gems five years ago that his 4-year-old son was gravely ill and that he needed to drop everything to care for him, Luessenhop could reasonably assume that the studio would find a new director for "Takers." Luessenhop was about to start filming just as his son suffered a seizure and stopped breathing.

But in a town notorious for its heartlessness — Disney once fired its production head while she was in a labor and delivery room with her partner — Sony's genre film label refused to ditch Luessenhop, and waited three years as the lawyer-turned-director cared for his son.


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