Sweaty Men at Work? Awesome!

It was a pretty typical two weeks for the television producer Thom Beers:

He spent several days in May on a crab boat in the bitterly cold Bering Sea, followed by a trip with big-rig trucks past the Arctic Circle all the way to Deadhorse, Alaska, where the snow was piled seven feet deep; and then, a couple of days later, he was headed toward an appointment on an oil rig in West Texas, answering questions on his cellphone while barreling down the highway in his 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge convertible.

The visits to the locations where his company, Original Productions, is following rugged men (it’s almost always men) doing rugged jobs left Mr. Beers even more energized than usual, at least if measured by how many times he dropped one of his favorite words, “awesome,” into the conversation. As in: “We’ve got great characters on these shows, great stakes. It’s awesome!”

No one else in television has a business — or a life — anywhere close to what Mr. Beers has carved out in the past decade.

(New York Times)

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