Study finds viewers losing interest in primetime television

Perhaps there really is a simple reason behind the end-of-season viewership slump experienced by the broadcast networks this year: Primetime television is losing its allure. That’s the finding of a new study released by Relay Worldwide, a Chicago-based sponsorship and marketing company and a division of Publicis Groupe.  

The Relay Intelligence: The American Life Survey, conducted in early May, found that 38 percent of U.S. adults say they enjoy primetime less this year than in previous years. Thirty-six percent reported no change, while 26 percent said they were enjoying it more. Perhaps more telling, 48 percent said that watching primetime this year was less important compared with past years, compared with 32 percent who reported no change and 19 percent who said it was more important.  

That lack of urgency is likely due to the increasing number of opportunities to watch primetime on the viewer’s own schedule, through digital video recorders or online. Thirty-eight percent of respondents said they were aware that they could watch primetime shows online for no additional fee. Rich Luker, chief strategy officer at Relay Worldwide, talks to Media Life about why online TV shows have hit a critical mass, how that’s hurting primetime, and why media people should care. 

(Source: Media Life Magazine)

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