Students broadcast interest in TV, radio work

In a small classroom inside an industrial park in Torrance, veteran TV engineer Jaime Hernandez is dispensing some practical advice to his eager students.

Look at the subject. Frame the shot. Check the focus. Above all, be consistent. "I had a student who was always going after the spectacular shot," Hernandez said. "I told him, 'Just give me something I can use. Just give me a base hit, not a home run every time.' "

With that in mind, a dozen students fanned out to film segments on topics such as high gas prices and fishing at the Redondo Beach Pier before returning to the classroom two hours later, when their work would be dissected.

The learning-by-doing approach is core to the mission of the Center for Education in TV and Radio, nicknamed Centro, which is Spanish for "center" and a rough acronym of the business' name. This minority-owned business offers a seven-month vocational training program to students pursuing careers in television and radio broadcasting.

(LA Times)

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