Steven Spielberg and George Lucas: The Titans Talk!

How exactly do you mediate a conversation with two of the most fertile minds in moviemaking? You hang on for dear life, that's how! When EW sat down with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg for a chat aboutIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (which opens May 22), the pace was fast and furious. You'll see part of our chat in the Summer Movie Preview issue of EW (as well as here).

But Spielberg and Lucas were so voluble, so passionately steeped in film history, and so funny that we had to bring you even more of their historic summit meeting, in which the pair discuss how filmmaking has changed in the past quarter-century, the impact of websites like this one on the experience of moviegoing, and the fate of Indiana Jones and the Monkey King.


Directors, Filmmaking, Hollywood, Summer 2008

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