Steven Soderbergh – Rebel without a pause


Steven Soderbergh hasn't really got time for an interview. He should be finishing off his new film, The Informant, in which Matt Damon plays a corporate whistleblower. Then there's his $2m flick about a call girl, The Girlfriend Experience, starring 20-year-old porn actor Sasha Grey. After that, he'd like to start shooting his 3D rock opera about Cleopatra, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones - as well as a biopic about Liberace, with Michael Douglas as the flamboyant pianist.

Why, I ask Soderbergh, the 45-year-old Palme d'Or-winning director, does he work so hard? "Cause I'm going to die," he says, looking, with his high forehead and oversize specs, like a less dressy Harry Hill. (Not that I can talk: I think we're both aware that today he is being interviewed by his doppelganger.) "I'd like to get some stuff done before that happens," he adds.



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