Spike Lee ponders WW2 movie on black soldiers


Spike Lee will pay tribute to black U.S. soldiers who fought during World War Two with a new film to be shot in Italy. 

Lee told Italian daily "La Repubblica" in an interview published on Wednesday that the film, based on James McBride's novel "Miracle at St. Anna," aims to recognise the role of African-American soldiers.  He said their role in the war had been mostly overlooked in previous U.S. movies. 

"America started to remember the sacrifice of black soldiers in films on the Vietnam war, but before then, in those on World War Two, they were almost invisible," Lee was quoted as saying.  "I recently met a black veteran who fought at Iwo Jima and he told me how hurt he was that he could not find a single African-American in Clint Eastwood's two films," Lee said. 

(Source: Backstage)

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