Spiderman 3 most expensive movie ever?

So the opening of Spiderman 3 this weekend ushers in the start of the summer season of blockbusters. And if all else was equal, the film itself should be enough to be judged on its own terms. But in this media infested age, no film escapes the scrutiny of the press and its internet tongue wagers. The buzz surrounding Spiderman 3 may not be how good it’s actually tracking with audiences but its throat choking budget in excess of $300 million. We’re talking on production costs alone. Some insiders are tagging it at $350 million dollars and that’s not counting the marketing costs yet. This may well make Spiderman 3 the most expensive film ever made. 

This summer does mark a frontier for many studio films in terms of budgets going overboard. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is also supposed to cross the $300 million production budget barrier. It’s dangerous territory for studios as profits margin become slimmer when the cap rises each summer. For these films, anything short of $300 million would spell disaster for the studios’ bottom line. Spiderman 3 might more than recoup its budget domestically and then make some worldwide. When it arrives on DVD later this year, it’s even poised to make a bigger killing. For Sony Pictures, that’s an investment that’s worth spinning the web for.

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