Sony’s future film slate highlights family’s value

Sony Pictures could begin to look more like Disney.

The studio most identified as the home of high-testosterone action flicks aimed at young male audiences -- think "Spider-Man," "Men in Black" and most recently, James Bond -- has aggressive plans to tap into one of the few rising segments of the filmgoing public.

As part of a new strategy quietly underway at the Culver City-based studio, Sony is committing substantial fiancial and creative resources to build what it hopes will be a lucrative business around family-friendly movies. Among the many decidedly softer-edge projects the studio is developing are adaptations of "Goosebumps" and "Smurfs" and remakes of "The Karate Kid," "Ghostbusters" and the 1968 musical "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

The shift comes as Sony grapples with the need to embrace one of the few bright spots in the slow-to-no-growth movie business. In recent years, family pictures have dominated the box office.


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