Sony Unveils a DSLR Video Camera for Speed Demons

It seems like camera makers are bragging less about how many megapixels are on their sensors – which  is nearly useless as a measure of quality anyway — but are taking up a new selling point: speed.

And to get that speed in autofocus, the camera companies are advancing new technologies.  About a week ago Nikon announced it was producing the new 1 series of cameras, claiming to have the world’s fastest autofocus. It’s a claimSony disputed at its unveiling of the SLT A77 at Unique Photo in Fairfield, N.J., last Thursday, along with the mirrorless NEX-7 camera.

The Sony A77 is its new “enthusiast” camera, which is to say, at $2,000 with a 16-millimeter to 50-millimeter lens, it’s a bit expensive for the casual user.


Digital Cinema, Filmmaking

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