Songs that have been overused in movies

Of all the seismic jolts to ripple through the foundation of American filmmaking in the 1970s, none left the landscape more ecstatically transformed than Harvey Keitel falling back onto his pillow as the syncopated drum intro of "Be My Baby" kicked up up on the soundtrack. This is the beginning of Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets. And this is the roiling discontent of the 1960s turning inward. It is, on one (partially regrettable) level, the beginning of cinematic solipsism.

But, more importantly, it is ground zero for the repurposing of pre-existing popular music as a dynamic means to enhance the emotional state of the characters and/or the scene. As a technique, it is unrivaled in its power.So it stands to reason that, in the intervening thirty-four years, the practice has been worn out like a two-dollar whore.

(Source: CHUD)

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