Small theater owners forced to switch to digital projectors

Digital cinema projectors

As the cost of digital cinema distribution dwindles, theater owners are increasingly transforming their offerings to digital. No more so than small and independent theater owners who have to realize cost savings and profit margins.

For more than three decades, the Kim family has operated a popular 800-seat neighborhood theater on Crenshaw Boulevard in Gardena.

The single-screen movie house β€” a rarity anywhere β€” has weathered multiple storms. It thrived in the 1970s and early 1980s by specializing in Spanish-language movies, until its Mexican film distributor went out of business. The Kims switched to screening conventional Hollywood movies, but soon confronted growing competition from new multiplexes. They adapted by selling lower-priced tickets, catering to budget-conscious families looking for an affordable night out.

Now they face what could be their biggest hurdle: how to foot the bill for a new digital projection system.


Digital Cinema

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