Small films take over at Sundance film festival

The snow is piling up in Park City, Utah, almost as fast as the Sundance Film Festival’s unsold movies—especially among the festival’s most prominent titles. But a number of smaller, more personal films, along with one low-budget genre title -- are beginning to emerge as the talk of Park City.

The Ryan Reynolds thriller “Buried” screened very strongly in its late-night slot Saturday, as both specialty and studio buyers, emboldened by the success of “Paranormal Activity,” scouted the film.

Insiders said a deal for the movie – in which a civilian truck driver held for ransom in Iraq tries to escape a coffin using only his wits and a cellphone – could happen as early as Sunday evening. Lionsgate, Fox Searchlight and other high-profile studios sent executives to see the film, with the first two considered the frontrunners to land the picture (top executives from both companies were watching the movie in private screenings Sunday morning). With several effusive fan boy reviews, a multi-million dollar deal could be possible, making it one of the most lucrative sales of the past few years.


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