Slumdog Millionaire – This Year’s Little Engine That Could


Every year over Labor Day weekend, film fans descend on the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado for the Telluride Film Festival, a fest that's rather like an early Christmas morning for cinephiles. We buy our spendy passes not knowing what we're going to get in return, but trusting that, for the most part, fest co-directors Tom Luddy and Gary Meyer will have filled our festival stockings with sugarplums rather than lumps of coal. And most of the time, that proves to be the case.

But no matter what ends up on the official schedule, there's always buzz and speculation around what this year's "sneaks" (that is, bigger films that haven't yet released, which aren't on the offical fest schedule) are going to be, and often, the sneaks end up garnering a good deal of the fest buzz. This year, the juiciest sneak by far was Slumdog MillionaireDanny Boyle's film about a young orphan growing up in the slums of Mumbai who goes on a game show and winds up a millionaire, only to find himself arrested for fraud because no one believes a slumdog like him could have possibly won without cheating.

(Movie City News)


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