Skater Brian Boitano is now a TV chef

It's just before 10 on a recent Friday morning when Brian Boitano begins his energetic display of craft and showmanship.

The figure skater's arena -- a sun-streamed kitchen in Santa Monica -- couldn't be further from a chilly ice rink, and his lace-up skates have been replaced by a pair of white Nike kicks. Even so, the guy still finds a way to work a blade. In this case, a Henckels knife, which he's employing to slice and dice an avocado with a precision that Bobby Flay would appreciate. He wastes little time in adding his handiwork to an olive oil and Meyer lemon vinaigrette he's already prepared. "Gotta get the lemon juice on the avocado so the avocado doesn't turn brown," he explains, before adding just a dash of Austin Powers-esque gusto: "Yeah, baby!" 

Boitano, who won a gold medal at the 1988 Winter Olympics, is making his own carefully honed recipe for crab-and-avocado crostini, a dish he also whips up in the premiere episode Sunday of his new daytime cooking show on Food Network, "What Would Brian Boitano Make?" 



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