Situation on ‘Jersey Shore’ to make $5 million

The ab-tastic star of MTV's reality show 'Jersey Shore' is on the fast track to make some real money. With endorsement deals in the works, Mike Sorrentino's payday is set to be more than most TV stars working today. That's because the show is a breakout hit that has saved MTV from the doldrums of TV ratings.

As the sophomore season of MTV's pop-culture phenomenon "Jersey Shore" continues to gobble up the biggest ratings the network has seen in seven years -- answering the prayers of the many of its executives who spoke of a gloomy prognosis before the "Shore" -- breakout star Sorrentino (aka the Situation) has jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on his fame. By year's end, the 29-year-old stands to earn more than $5 million, a source familiar with his finances told THR.



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