Sienna Miller talks love, people-pleasing, nesting and niceness


This was a two-act drama, punctuated by an intermission in which Sienna Miller apologised repeatedly for not giving a good enough performance up to that point. For the first hour she’d been matey yet defensive, in the way most actors are on these occasions, both of you maintaining the fiction that one of you is not really a member of the mistrusted press while the other one doesn’t say very much.

“I’ve been having these warnings,” she says. Her mum, for instance, has told her to “be more mysterious” in interviews. Other advisers have said, “‘Don’t do this, don’t do that’, because I always put my foot in it”. What she put her foot in most recently, in a piece in Rolling Stone, was Shitsburgh, in reference to Pittsburgh, where she had been filming. She has also said people take drugs because “they are f***loads of fun”. She got some stick for that, too.

So she’s on best behaviour today, trotting out stuff about how her latest film, Interview, is “a real actor’s piece”, with a “European feel”, and how director and co-star Steve Buscemi “created an environment conducive to creative freedom”, all of which may well be right and true and beautiful, but isn’t what we came here for.

(Source: Times Online UK)


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