Edward Norton at the New York premiere of Paramount's The Score

  • Edward Norton is the new Hulk. Marvel Studios has selected the actor to play Bruce Banner, replacing Eric Bana from the first Hulk. The second Hulk movie called The Incredible Hulk, directed by Louis Leterrier will return to its comic and TV show roots to be less serious and more popcorn entertainment. The Incredible Hulk will start shooting this summer in Toronto for a summer 2008 release.

  • John Patrick Shanley, who won an Oscar for Moonstruck, will direct Oscar winners Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt, based on his own play. Set in the 60s, Streep plays a school principal who accuses a priest (Hoffman) of pedophile charges. It will start shooting December 1st in New York City.

  • Tony Leung has replaced Chow Yun-Fat in director John Woo’s $70 million historical epic Red Cliff. It’s reported that Yun-Fat left the film due to contractual demands that were not met by the production. Woo has worked with Leung before in Bullet in the Head.

  • Work is progressing on big-screen version of The Hardy Men, starring Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller as the grown-up version of the Hardy Boys detective brothers. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg has been enlisted to work on the latest draft of the script. Kinberg wrote Mr and Mrs Smith and will also produce the movie. Fox 2000 is the studio for The Hardy Men and they are looking to start shooting in June 2008.

  • Bruce Willis has signed on to play an intimidating school principal in The Assassination of a High School President. The film is supposed to be a hip homage to Chinatown and John Hughes movies set in a Catholic high school.


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