Sex and the City – The Movie: exclusive on-set report


The day before I visit the set of Sex and the City: The Movie thousands of onlookers gathered to gawp at the cast as they shot a scene on the New York streets. Gangs of assistants barked at the crowds, ushering them away. 'By the end of the television show,' begins Sarah Jessica Parker, 'we'd become accustomed to curiosity when we were shooting on the street. With the film, though, even more people are coming, and in between each scene it can take half an hour just to move the crowds back.' She smiles. 'But we're grateful people still have affection for these characters. Anyone who looks that gift horse in the mouth is mad.'

When the American television network HBO first broadcast Sex and the City in 1998 it could hardly have imagined how successful it would be. By the time the sixth (and last) series was showing in America, the programme was being screened in 150 countries, and the final episode drew an audience of more than ten million in America and 4.5 million here.

(The Telegraph UK)

Filmmaking, New Movies, Summer 2008

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