Set design on ‘Inception’

Inception set design

Guy Hendrix Dyas is accustomed to working side-by-side with intuitive wizards. Before his Hollywood career as a production designer working with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Bryan Singer and Shekhar Kapur, the master’s program graduate from the Royal College of Art London was working as an industrial designer with Sony Corp. under the supervision of Akio Morita, the near-legendary co-founder of  the Toyko conglomerate.

Despite the considerable experience with visionary souls and movies of the fantastic — he did production design on “X2: X-Men 2? and “Superman Returns” — Dyas admits he was a bit awestruck while working with writer-director Christopher Nolan on “Inception,” the most celebrated sci-fi film of 2010 and a strong contender in marquee Oscar categories.  Dyas  (who is now working on Spielberg’s “Robopocalypse” for 2012 release) has written a guest essay for Hero Complex about why Nolan is a game changer in contemporary Hollywood — he’s “leading a mini-renaissance,” Dyas writes.



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