‘Secretariat’ movie nears wrap of Louisville filming

By some, he was called "The Perfect Horse.” Secretariat was a racing legend that won the Triple Crown back in 1973. For the past five days, filmmakers have been in Louisville shooting the Disney movie "Secretariat." Thursday, we were allowed to speak to some of the stars.

“The country needed a hero,” said Mark Ciardi, the producer of “Secretariat.”

Secretariat was that hero and his story is making it to the big screen.

“One of those iconic sporting moments when I was a kid. I was 12-years-old coming into my mother’s house and hearing her scream at this race and looking at this distance between the horses,” said Ciardi, who is the producer of the film.

For the past week, filming has been taking place at Churchill Downs and around Louisville. Thursday’s rain posed challenges for some of the shooting near the backside and Wagner's Pharmacy.



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