Screen Test: Life behind the scenes with Sky TV


Most people are happy to watch one television screen when the cricket is on. Mark Lynch sits and stares at 78 of them.

Mind you, Lynch is not just any old viewer. As the director of Sky TV's Test coverage, Lynch has the privilege of watching the action from every conceivable angle from 31 cameras complemented by the various gizmos that are such an integral part of the pictures these days. And to cap it all, Lynch can tell the operator of each camera exactly what to do and what he wants to see. His choice automatically becomes the viewer's.

To spend a day behind the scenes at a Test with Sky is to watch at close hand an almost military operation with an onsite production crew of 80, most of them based in the 15 trucks present at each Test, all working to provide the pictures that are then interpreted by the experienced collection of former international players who make up the commentary team.

(Daily Mail)


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