Samantha Morton doesn’t play the Hollywood game


Lunch with a leading British actress in one of London’s finest restaurants would normally be a treat, but the thrill of meeting Samantha Morton at St John Bread and Wine in Spitalfields is tempered by the fact that: (a) she is, according to reports, a tetchy interviewee; (b) Mister Lonely, her new film and the reason for our meeting, is not particularly good; (c) I’m recovering from a vomiting bug and am concerned that pig’s spleen – St John specialises in offal – might not be a sensible way of returning to solids.

Issue (b) is a particular pain because it could otherwise provide a solution to (a). The standard approach to “difficult” interviewees is to witter inanely about a project at hand before venturing, gently, into more controversial areas, which in Morton’s case include her father’s marriage to her babysitter, her time spent in care and with a series of foster parents, and her tempestuous relationship with the tabloids.

Harmony Korine’s Mister Lonely, which recounts the story of a Michael Jackson impersonator who falls in love with a Marilyn Monroe double (played by Morton) and then follows her to a commune of impersonators in Scotland, offers no such opportunity for bland banter. The surreal art-house movie, which has a subplot involving a bunch of flying nuns, is beautifully filmed and forces you to think, but many of the questions it raises are drowned out – in the experience of this viewer – by irritation at its pretentiousness.

(Source: The Times UK)

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