Ryan Gosling is very happy to be a Hollywood misfit


When Ryan Gosling's mother, Donna, sat down with her son to watch his first leading role in film - as the ferocious Jewish neo-Nazi in The Believer - she lasted only 10 minutes before bursting into tears and locking herself in the bathroom. Watching her son so plausibly embody a desolate soul who feels nothing but furious contempt for his own heritage, she felt that she'd failed him and that he was channelling his own emotions. It took Gosling an hour to coax her out.

Seven years later, their relationship has progressed to the stage where Gosling can take home a life-size sex doll every night and sleep with it in his mother's basement outside Toronto without her batting an eyelid, which is what happened during the making of the comedy Lars and the Real Girl. "My poor mother, she doesn't ask questions any more," Gosling says. "She just says, 'Oh yeah, sex-doll movie. It's great!' She's a really supportive mom."

In a filmography that started off idiosyncratically and hasn't changed yet, Gosling has specialised in portraying damaged individuals - from the sociopathic teen killer in Murder By Numbers to his Oscar-nominated turn as a crack-addicted school teacher in Half Nelson.

(Source: Guardian UK)


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