Rushing to Sundance


For many of the sleep-deprived, debt-saddled filmmakers trekking to the Sundance Film Festival this week, gaining acceptance to the world's most competitive indie market was the easy part. It's finishing their films in time that will take nothing short of a miracle.

More than 45,000 people are expected to crowd snowy Park City, Utah, for 10 days starting Thursday. And festival organizers say this year's market will be especially competitive because, of the 127 feature films screening, more are seeking distribution than ever before.

But that's only if the movies can make it to Park City. Every year, there's some last-minute computer crash, a mix-up at the film printing lab, an oversight at the Fed Ex warehouse or just ordinary youthful overconfidence that delays a film's arrival to the bitter end. But that breathless sprint to the finish has become as much a part of the Sundance melodrama as those multimillion dollar acquisitions. Indeed, the festival has staggered -- and often customized -- deadlines for that very reason. Filmmakers are often still shooting their films when they submit their entries so it's rare that festival programmers see a finished print before the premiere.

(Source: LA Times)

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