Robin Williams mellows out after surgery

A calmer Robin Williams is among us. He survived open-heart surgery in March, walking away with one valve replaced and another repaired. Like everything else in his life, the operation became fodder for jokes.

"I don't think they gave me a new valve but a tiny vagina. I don't know. I'm just so emotional these days," Williams said wiping away mock tears in Sausalito the other day.

But the gravity of his situation caused the 58-year-old comic to become unusually reflective for him. "It's like this weird thing to know you have been opened up but you are alive - big time. It really makes you appreciate little things, like your breath.

"I realize life can be short. It is a little longer now with the new parts. You go, 'This is your window. What do you want to do with it?'

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