Robert Sean Leonard on ‘House’ and the movies

Fans of Dr. James Wilson, Robert Sean Leonard's character on "House," have a lot to look forward to in the Nov. 30 episode – titled "Wilson."  Leonard's screen time has increased this season, since Hugh Laurie's Dr. House moved in with Wilson, but that's nothing compared to the upcoming episode.

"He's examined more," Leonard said, in a phone interview Tuesday morning from Hidden Valley.  "You see my assistant, who you've never met. You see the oncology floor; you see where I work.  I have my own patients, my own assistant and my own day that doesn't include House.  So you basically follow Wilson around for a few days and see what his life is like."

The episode features "The West Wing's" Josh Malina as Tucker, a cancer survivor and an old friend of Wilson's. After Tucker experiences partial paralysis, Wilson seeks out the help of House's team in diagnosing Tucker's condition.  However, when Tucker takes a turn for the worse, Wilson struggles to separate his work from his personal connection with the patient.  "I've got some moral decisions to make," Leonard said of his character.  "Any time the character is in a moral quandary is interesting. That's been true from the Greeks on down."


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