‘Rob Zombie’ Movies and music are his passion

Lately, Rob Zombie has been focusing his efforts in the land of horror movies.  His first feature film, House of a 1000 Corpses, opened many eyes to his talents as a writer/director back in 2003.  After that, Zombie has been able to secure deals to make some more horror-goodies.  All the world is waiting to see how Zombie handles Halloween 2, which releases tomorrow.  A movie that could take his career up another level, or knock it six feet under.

Before all the mayhem on the big screen, Zombie was creating quite a show in the world of music.  It started with White Zombie in 1985.  The band name appropriately came from a horror movie title from the 1930s.  The band was quite successful, achieving platinum records on a couple of occasions and having a reputation for a great stage show.  The theme of White Zombie's lyrics was horror movie based, which led some people to brand them devil-worshipers.  In reality, Zombie was just paying homage to the movie genre he loved.



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