Rising star Jay Baruchel finds himself in a new league

With two films out this month — and a Jerry Bruckheimer wizarding spectacle coming in July — new Hollywood leading man Jay Baruchel has just one request in case fame does rise: Let him eat his hamburger in peace.

"What I'm sad about is the potential of me not being able to go to Burger King anymore," the Canadian actor says.

On this day, he's hanging out in his Montreal home, but Baruchel dreamily recalls his six months last year making Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice in Manhattan and hitting the fast-food joint near his apartment almost every day.

"I had this moment where I was sitting there, I was drinking my large drink, and I looked on the cup and there was the cast of Star Trek. I was like, 'There's a good chance Sorcerer's Apprentice is one of those types of movies. Does this mean I can't just come and sit at Burger King anymore?'



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