RIP – Premiere Magazine (1987-2007)


So it registered as a small blip but it felt like a ripple passing through. I’m talking about learning with utter shock that the renowned movie magazine Premiere is shutting down. Citing declining ad revenue and poor circulation numbers, the April issue will be its final according to Hachette Flippati media, the publishers of the magazine. I’ve been an avid reader since 1988 (in my teens) and my mountainous collection of Premiere magazines span two continents and incur moving headaches each time I change apartments. So it was with much relief when I switched over to their web subscription format through Zinio late last year I realized I didn’t have to wrestle with a bookshelf issue anymore. Needless to say it’s been a short-lived subscription.

Premiere has long been the de facto standard for movie magazines. Its annual ‘Power 100 List’ had many in Hollywood jockeying for a spot on the list. More than that, its stable of writers balanced a good sense of long form movie journalism with wit and insight. Most of them are now headed toward web journalism. So this brings up the larger issue which is print media is dying a slow death. When there is so much free and valuable information on the web and a plethora of sharp writers to discuss salient points of every movie, traditional media is feeling the crunch.

Premiere will live on as a lean website for the time being and it expects to grow when it gets more original content on its site. If the day comes that we will be buying 'web'izines in a new revolutionary format in the future, then there will be a future revival of the magazine in another form. But perhaps by then, a hundred other magazines will have mushroomed in its place. So long and rest in peace, Premiere. P.S. I'm still waiting for my final issue.


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