Ridley Scott: Movies are business, not art form

Ridley Scott does not believe movie making is an art.

The ‘Robin Hood’ director admits the Cannes Film Festival – where the Russell Crowe-led project will be the opening movie – is about little more than selling a film.

He said: “Cannes is a market place because that’s what we do. We make movies and we try to sell them.

“There’s no other way around it. To say it’s all about pure art is nonsense; it’s about how do you sell your movie. I don’t care if it’s a high budget or a low-budget movie, if I don’t sell it there’s no point in making it.”

However, Ridley believes ‘Robin Hood’ is the “perfect” film to open the festival on May 12.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “This ‘Robin Hood’ completely fulfils the promise of what Robin Hood should be and so in a way it’s a perfect package to open the Cannes festival.”

Ridley recently revealed details about his upcoming movie based on the Monopoly board game, and admitted it would have little to do with the classic time-passer.

He said: “We had a hard time initially, because my head led me down the route of saying, 'Somehow, I have to integrate the game'.

"'Do I have to show the game, with people running around on a board, with the large houses and funny top hats and that sort of thing.' They said, 'No, we just want a movie'. And that makes it a lot easier.

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