Ridley Scott jousts with Russell Crowe yet again on ‘American Gangster’


Ridley Scott has always been fascinated by those figures from history and legend who embody mythic archetypes, whether warriors of antiquity, medieval knights, or Western gunslingers. He calls them "our great icons" and they have featured in many of his films, from his debut feature The Duellists through to his Oscar-laden triumph Gladiator.

Now they surface on the streets of 1970s Harlem, with his latest offering, American Gangster.

"I am interested in these icons," says the 69-year-old director. "That was the case with Gladiator. And I've always liked the idea of the cowboy and the knight. In fact, Kingdom of Heaven [his 2005 film set in a besieged Jerusalem] was inspired initially by a project that I wanted to do called Knights. As for the gangster, with this film, American Gangster, here we're dealing with someone's actual story, so I had to do a little more justice to the material."

(Source: The Telegraph UK)


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