Richard Chamberlain keeps on acting


Richard Chamberlain, still fit and dashingly handsome at 73, describes himself these days as a "beach bum who paints and occasionally acts."

But in fact, the star of the 1960s medical drama "Dr. Kildare" and such popular miniseries as "Shogun" and "The Thorn Birds" has been venturing away from his home in Maui for acting gigs regularly of late.

"I have been doing some interesting stuff," he says, including guest shots on "Will & Grace," "Nip/Tuck," "Hustle" and, just eight days ago, on "Desperate Housewives" as Lynette's ex-stepfather, who reveals he is gay.

He hopes he returns to Wisteria Lane soon. "I fell totally in love with Felicity Huffman," Chamberlain says. "And Polly Bergen was great fun to work with. She did a 'Dr. Kildare.' She played twins; she was the good twin and the evil twin, of course. She reminded me the evil twin tried to seduce Dr. Kildare on a beach somewhere."

(Source: Los Angeles Times)

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