A Forthright Review Of Weeds From Showtime

One of the best and funniest tv shows of the last ten years would have to be Weeds. The show is one of many in the trend that defined television for the last decade: Realism. Weeds definitely belongs on your queue the next time you log into your TV and movie download service.

This trend towards realism began with shows like Survivor, which wound up really killing fictional shows in the ratings. See, sitcoms and dramas became incredibly formulaic and predictable. You always knew the punchline of every joke before it came: I get it, the dad likes watching football and the wacky neighbor wants to date his daughter.

Reality television really changed things and it became clear that fictional television had to adapt to survive, as people had come to prefer the realism of those reality shows. Even if reality television can be artless, crass, and not as real as it pretends to be, it remains a fact that it showed real human emotion and unpredictable situations.

Anyways, after the revolution of reality TV, people like David Chase took the hint. Chase's Sopranos started a new wave in fictional television: Take the realism of reality TV and mix it with the strong storytelling of fictional television, and you have a show that is literally the best of both worlds. The Sopranos led to similar shows like LOST, House MD, and, of course, Weeds.

Weeds follows a suburban widow and her two sons as they deal with family issues and... The family business. It follows Sopranos in a way, in that the family business is... Well, she's a weed dealer. She sells pot to all of the local yuppie potheads. A constant source of humor is the fact that she doesn't always fit in with the shallow vapid people of her neighborhood, being a weed dealer amidst investment bankers and soccer moms.

The show includes a lot of hilarious characters, like her supplier, a saucy old black woman in low rent housing who runs a family of her own with her street dealers, and The Candyman, a woman who seems based on that "Stop the Insanity!" fitness guru. She runs a bakery, and refuses to sell to any customers who don't promise to work out to burn off the fat they get from her excellent brownies, cakes and cupcakes.

When you watch the show, you have two big plot threads to root on: First of all, she has to keep her family in order and make sure her children are safe and happy, and secondly, she wants to keep building her weed empire to eventually become the primary provider of primo stuff in her sprawling suburban community.

Be warned that the show is quite addictive. Each season is really designed as a self contained story, as opposed to each episode, so when you watch one, you'll want to watch the next one right away. Make sure to download a whole season at a time if you really want to enjoy the series. Just be ready to set a few hours aside whenever you want to sit down and watch.


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