A Review Of The Film Daybreakers

There has been a considerable push in recent years for vampire media in different modes to be brought to light, no pun intended. The interesting thing, is that this might be the most frenzied people have ever been about vampire stories and programming. While this is all the case, it had become difficult for storytellers to give us something new and unique that was unlike something that was heard before. The film "Daybreakers" was able to do this.

This is a film that has taken an age old tale about vampires and put a spin on it unlike anything that has been seen in vampire cinema to date. Through the course of this article, you will get a brief plot synopsis as well as what makes this particular movie so unique from some of the other alternatives that are out there to view.

You should learn what makes this particular film unique in its own right first before it breaks into any plot synopsis. The reason this film is unique, is that it takes a perspective of humans being the minority in a world that has been overtaken by vampires. When vampires bite humans and they don't die, they become vampires as well. Several years of doing this has made the human race as we know it relatively extinct.

This synopsis might contain spoilers for those that have not seen the film, so beware of this if you are trying to find a very non-descript synopsis, this is not it. The film itself opens on the knowledge that the world is 95 percent vampire. With this knowledge, a team of people have been placed together to develop synthetic blood to sustain the population, as humans are becoming scarce.

Edward Dalton is one of the head minds behind the blood creating project, and is also very unhappy with being a vampire. He does not drink human blood, and he never wanted to be a vampire in the first place. However, if he cannot come up with a solution to the current blood conundrum, he along with millions of other vampires will die horribly gruesome deaths relative to starvation.

Dalton runs into some humans and he decides to help them stay alive. He is given some valuable information from Willem DaFoe's character, Elvis. He is a human that is leading the group and he was at one point a vampire. Through a freak accident, he was able to learn the secret to becoming human again.

Dalton had never wanted to be a vampire in the first place, and relishes the chance to become human again and sees to it that he orchestrates a similar situation to what Elvis described. After a couple of failed attempts, Dalton is returned to being a human with a beating heart and pumping blood. Now its time to tell his former company about the cure.

"Daybreakers" reaches its climax as Edward Dalton is to have another encounter with his former boss, Charles Bromley (Sam Neill). By this point, the audience has learned that humans who used to be vampires have different blood. This blood will turn a vampire back into being a human as well. So for every vampire that attempts to feed on one of these humans, also becomes a human capable of turning other vampires.

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