Resident Evil: Afterlife

If you want to see one of the top fall movies of the 2010 season, Resident Evil: Afterlife is at the top of the list. The imaginative crew of the Screen Gems writing team bring forth a suspenseful 3D sci-fi film for fans everywhere. In fact, it is considered by many as one of the top movie releases during the 2010 season. One of the biggest reasons is the addition of video game elements that were integrated into the movie.

The story's main character is none other than Alice played by Milla Jovovich. Her self-imposed journey to find those without the virus infection is still ongoing, and the major roles are pretty much the same. You have Umbrella Corporation CEO Albert Wesker, and Alice's allies Claire and Chris Redfield, as well as Jill Valentine.

The ongoing battle between Alice and the Umbrella Corporation reaches new and unexpected heights of excitement in this 4th installment of this sci-fi, action series. As in the previous movies in this franchise the character, known as Alice, battles to stay alive and her pilgrimage takes her to the dark underside of Tokyo as well as the mean streets of LA.At the Umbrella Facility which is located in Tokyo, Japan, Alice comes face to face with more twists and surprises than even the audience could anticipate. Not only does she find more of the evil Undead she must also try to figure a way out of this precarious predicament. The character of Manjini, an ally who has helped Alice in the past, also makes an appearance in the city of Tokyo.

This latest installment continues the action that began in the earlier 3 movies in this series. Clones of Alice will try to assassinate the Umbrella Corporation CEO but they are killed and evil Albert Wesker escapes. Later in the film Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, is able to ambush Wesker once again but he is able to inject a serum that eliminates her superhuman power instead. There is a fight on board the airplane and then the plane crashes to the ground. Only Alice is seen emerging from the destruction.

In years past the only following Resident Evil had was the video gamers. There wasn't even a thought out producing any of these movies. However, 4 installments later and it's one of the best movie releases ever in the sci-fi category. If it wasn't for the fans we're not sure it would ever had manifested to the big screen. Also, Resident Evil: Afterlife offers plenty of integrated video game parts that makes it a suspenseful journey for everyone.

Finally Alice believes she has found a safe haven in the Arcadia and an emotional moment surfaces. She doesn't believe there is any hope of finding another human without them being infected by the virus. This is around the time she runs into Claire, but she is being mind controlled by the Umbrella Corporation. Alice finds a way to alter and destroy this mechanism, which allows Claire to regain part of her memory. The two of them then team up to continue with the search, but Alice then realizes the Arcadia is a traveling cargo tanker owned by the Umbrella Corporation. They have also just come across another group of humans in LA, but in order for everyone to survive they only have one option; a two-seat airplane.

As in all good movies this is when the plot becomes very suspenseful. The only people who will manage to escape are Alice, Claire and Chris, who is revealed to be Claire's brother. Through a combination of relentless fighting, luck and determination this little trio manages to make their way to 'Arcadia'. Instead of being the promised safe haven for humans the ship is only a ruse that has been created by the Umbrella Corporation. Just as in the previous Resident Evil movies the evil villains have once more set a trap and lured more victims into their clutches.

Here you find Wesker is just fine and once again the two face off. Trying to escape by helicopter, Wesker detonates a bomb. The goal was to kill the remaining humans aboard the Arcadia. However, Alice had other plans and secretly hid the bomb onboard his helicopter. Hopefully this time he's gone for good. Then again, you see a small parachute off in the distance, which leads you to believe he has escaped once again. It's movies like this one that leave fans wanting more, especially when they start anticipating the next chapter. So when it comes out, be sure to see Resident Evil: Afterlife. It's going to be one of the best 2010 movie releases of the year.

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