Renée Zellweger – The reluctant movie star


If the Academy Awards had a "Best Chameleon" category it would surely have been owned by Renée Zellweger these last few years. This decade alone, Zellweger, 38, won over legions of Bridget Jones-lovers adamant that their "Bridge" really shouldn't be played by a Texan (and you had to see their point). She deservedly earned her first Academy Award nomination for the role, her second the next year for Chicago, before winning as Best Supporting Actress for Anthony Minghella's Cold Mountain in 2004.

She gambled on Down With Love with Ewan McGregor, gained the hated weight once more for Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, starred with Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man and McGregor again for Miss Potter. Jerry Seinfeld, then semi-retired but still powerful, hired her to voice his "queen bee" in Bee Movie, only Zellweger's second animated movie and finally, last year, she found time to work with her "dear friend" (they use the same term for each other) George Clooney.

Set against a backdrop of American Football in the mid-Twenties, Leatherheads had been gestating in Clooney's cluttered head for about a decade. He says he wrote the role of pugnacious Chicago newspaper reporter Lexie Littleton with Zellweger in mind.

(The Independent)

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